About us


The first registration in the trade register of Van Es dates back to 1880. Since that time (and maybe earlier) van Es Packaging is involved in the manufacturing of packaging for the benefit of the rich oyster culture in Yerseke.

Until the mid-seventies of the last century it was a real cooper workshop where the barrels were made by hand. When the packaging units became smaller, in this period, we gradually switched to mechanical chips produced baskets, which to this date still are imported from France.

From the ecological point of view, wood is a packaging material for the future. Its utilisation, when strictly controlled and properly managed, helps to protect the environment. As key elements of the eco-system and vital allies in combating greenhouse gases (as a natural regulator of carbon dioxide), trees and the wood provide incontestable qualities.

The environment is very important to us. Throughout the whole proces of production we use green electricity and we aim for the upmost durable logistics. The baskets are easy to recycle.