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Welcome to Van Es Packaging

Van Es Packaging is the best known wholesaler of the Benelux when it comes to packaging materials for seafood.  In Yerseke, the European center for oyster- and mussel culture, we are a household name. In the Netherlands and in other European countries where oysters and mussels are grown, we are widely acknowledged for our packages.

Our baskets are also extensively used for packaging of local products, Christmas gifts and promotional gifts. Wrap your chocolate, candles, fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, juice, beer, wine and soap in a basket of Van Es. Sustainable baskets and organic products suit each other perfectly.

Are you looking for a package suited for your product? We would like to help you find the perfect one.  From choosing the right material, the size, the design en the print, including the transport. Because we have years of experience, we have the knowledge to help you pick the right kind of package. The package that makes your product complete.

We also do printing on lids and baskets for you. This will give the package an exclusive look, completely to your liking. Please feel free to contact us for the many options and possibilities.  

Durable quality product

  • Made of natural material, very environmentally friendly
  • Protects fragile goods
  • Preserving the freshness of its contents
  • Conserving the moistness of fruit and vegetables

Showroom in Yerseke
Would you like to know more or would you like to see our products? Please come and visit our showroom in Yerseke (Zeeland, the Netherlands). Is that a bit to far away for you? Ask for a trial package and we will gladly send you one.

Our baskets and crates are used by:

Catering companies, Delistores, Hotels, Restaurants, Fruit farmers, Country shops, Farm shops, Wellness, Drugstores, Gift shops, Arts & Crafts, Home accessories, Knit shops, Horticultural industry, Pet shops, Schools and of course the Oyster- and Mussel industry!

Have a look at our website and let us convince you that our baskets are suitable for your purposes. Email or call us for our competitive price ladder and a free quote.